Apr 202013

Cheese_205_1362800142I ran across this article while on the REIA Leadership FB page.  What do you think about Bill’s comments?  How would you answer his question?

Where Did The Cheese Go?

By Bill Cook –

Last week’s column – The Cheese Has Moved – was about the dramatic change Kim and I witnessed at April’s foreclosure auction.  We watched investors pay a lot more for properties.  Higher purchase prices ensure thinner profit margins, and thinner profit margins mean greater risk – it reminded us a bit of 2005 and 2006.  (You’ll find last week’s column on our website.)

Since the fattest deals will no longer be found on the courthouse steps, we’re forced to ask, “Where did the cheese go?”  In other words: Now where will we find the best real estate investing deals?

To answer this question, I’m on a quest to spend April knocking on sellers’ doors.

See th erest of the article here . .  http://reioutpost.com/articles/where-did-the-cheese-go/