Jun 122013




The highly acclaimed REI Expo will be coming to Chicago, IL this July 26-28. This networking and educational event has sold out every single time. Why? Because unlike many conferences loaded with speakers selling products on stage,  education is put front and center. Secondly, there is  an incredible networking opportunity with hundreds of investors and sponsors.

This is a one-stop event that covers all your real estate investing needs.

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The REI Expo has been educating people about real estate investing for over three years. These amazing events has allowed dozens of people take control of their financial future, become their own boss and have a blast while doing it.

Now is a great time to be getting into the real estate investing. Because of the poor economy, many people have lost their jobs, causing them to default on their mortgages. Banks are no longer handing out a great number of unsustainable mortgage loans, but the damage has been done. People were left with mortgages they couldn’t afford, causing a lot of foreclosures and empty houses. That is what makes this buyer’s market so wide open and filled with possibilities for your success with REI.

You’ll find out all about this inside and out, at the next REI expo July 26 – 28, 2013 Chicago, IL.  Get all  the details at  REI Expo

Looking forward to networking with you!


Greg O’Donnell

President – NICIA