Sep 132016

The Northwest Indiana Creative Investors Association is hosting an important event featuring our very own Don Conrad, who will be asking us to consider:



Don will be presenting a frank discussion on the history and future of America and the world’s currency and will be looking at the future of our economy and how it could affect your business, lifestyle and family.

This presentation will bring an understanding to all who attend about maneuvering the coming economic reset.  Past, present and future economic issues will be covered.

All are welcome to attend, and we encourage you to invite your family and friends to this important event.

Learn the History of the Dollar
Understand the Present Economic Situation
Plan Your Future Based on Coming Events!


This presentation will cover:

  • The U.S. money history and how it changes every 40 years
  • The federal reserve, “the fuse that lit the bomb”
  • The Petro $ — Nixon’s best trick
  • Inflation / Deflation / Stagflation – where are we right now!
  • Gold / Silver / Bitcoin – in your future
  • and much, much more!

don-distressedWho is Don Conrad?  He is a native of Northwest Indiana.  He is not an economist  but has been interested in  and has followed the U. S. economy for many years.  He lives in Valparaiso with his wife and two children.  He has been a real estate investor for over 20 years, has been a founding member of the NICIA for 12 years and has served on the board of the NICIA for 5 years.  He has also been a martial artist for 25 years.  His passion for this subject can be clearly seen when you meet him.
This event is open to the public with a minimal cost to attend.  Early bird pricing is set at $15 through 9/23/2016 to help cover the cost of the venue.

If you are concerned about what is happening with our economy today come and hear what Don has to say.

Saturday, October 8, 2016
9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Halls of Justice
220 S State St.
Crown Point, IN 46307


Advanced Registration Required
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