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Dear Friend,

Which of these sound like you?

Overworked…Struggling Financially…Zero Free Time…Stressed Out…Relationships On The Rocks…Sleepless Nights Wondering… “Is Life Supposed To Be Like This?”

If any of those descriptions sound like you, let me first say…

You Are Not Alone.

Far from it…

In fact, according to a recent Harris Poll, only 30% of people are happy with their life.  That’s a pretty concerning statistic in itself, but even more alarming is that the percentage of people happy is dropping every year!

Now I don’t know about you, but when I see that only 3 in 10 people actually enjoy their life, it tells me something is very wrong and something drastic needs to change.  

And that’s why you’re here…


You Want More Out Of Life And Know You Were Meant For Something Much Better, But You’ve Been Struggling

To Get There.


Trust me…I know exactly what that feels like.

But before I show you how to get on the right path to true happiness and success, let me first say that the situation you’re in really isn’t your fault. 

From a very young age we’ve all been conditioned to follow the masses and general public – their advice, models, and way of living. We’ve basically been brainwashed to comply with “the norms” of society without questioning things.

Little did we know at the time, but no matter how well we played “the game” of life and success, it was the wrong game and we were on the sure path to self-destruction. 

Eventually, we’d end up financially stressed, unhealthy, have no free time, and have strained relationships with others, even those we love the most.

Does this sound familiar? Yup…and it’s way more common than you think.


But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way!

There’s A Solution! 

 And It’s Called Lifeonaire!!!


You may have heard of it. It’s changed the lives of THOUSANDS of people already and you’re going to be next.

What is Lifeonaire?

It’s a revolutionary approach to squeezing the absolute most out of life…a way to help us live more productive, fulfilling, meaningful, and joy-filled lives – where we make more money, have more free time, and get to do all the things we enjoy.

To teach Lifeonaire to people that are ready to make a change, we’ve found that holding 3-day events we call “LifeBuilders” retreats are the #1 most effective way to impact people and help them make lasting change.

So if you’re ready to discover and start fully experiencing the life of your dreams…

Join us and many others that are ready to transform their life

DATES AND LOCATION HERE for 3-life-changing days. 

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Once you attend, life will never be the same.

Here’s what others have said about their experience:

“The Lifeonaire approach twists everything you’ve been taught your entire life and turns it on its head. You’ll learn how to be happier in your life, not by being enslaved by your debt or your mindset about your approach to working. Shaun and Steve genuinely care about each of the people in their audience and are not there to sell you more stuff. I strongly recommend you attend.”

-Shari Peterson


“Warning: Lifeonaire can produce focus, determination, energy, passion and purpose in your life…enter at your own risk! Truly incomparable…one of a kind!”

-Justin Patterson


“My wife and I went to the 3 day Lifeonaire in Wisconsin Dells this April, and our life hasn’t been the same since. Our days that included stress and arguments are now filled with love, focus, and enjoyment of what is truly important in our lives. Until Lifeonaire, I was chasing “success,” chasing income numbers, chasing a specific number of deals, a certain size house, a number of vacations, and the list goes on. I was accomplishing goals that others thought made me successful. By their standards I may have been a success story, but I just wasn’t feeling it and Lifeonaire finally helped me see why. In 3 days, I completely changed my life by taking control and writing my own vision. Lifeonaire has changed my life in more ways than I even realize.


My true passion now is to spread this message, to share and encourage others to hear these principles. I want everyone I know to be able to feel the joy and happiness I have LET into my life in the last few months. To some, it seemed like a sudden change for me. The truth is, it was right there waiting for me, I just needed Lifeonaire to open my eyes to it.


– Mike Neubauer


Powerful right? I could go on with hundreds of similar testimonials, but you get the picture…


These Events Change Lives.

The only question that remains is…

Will You Attend And Be One Of Them?

I’m In!

From the moment you set foot in the room, you’re going to immediately do three things…(1.) feel a contagious energy and excitement (2.) realize you’re surrounded by like-minded people that want more out of life just like you, and (3.) wish you could have done this earlier.

Here’s just some of the benefits you’re going to get by attending:

  • Discover what you really want for your life and figure out what’s most important to you (many of us are living the lives that others want for us).
  • How to create a roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be – as quickly and easily as possible.
  • A practical and realistic set of action steps to get you living the life you deserve NOW rather than later.
  • The 4 Stages of Financial Prosperity that you absolutely must follow if you want to avoid the mistakes and traps so many people fall into and never get out.
  • How to create and start living a crystal clear Lifeonaire vision that will include every aspect of your life including relationships, business, health, personal, spiritual life, and more.
  • The one question you always need to ask yourself whenever you’re presented with any kind of opportunity – or risk everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
  • The secrets of living a balanced life so that you’re not always putting out fires in the areas you’ve neglected.
  • The key to taking ownership of your life and designing your future in a way that will lead to long-term fulfillment and growth.


There’s even more!

  • How to achieve REAL wealth (hint: it’s not the amount of money you have!)
  • How to “become your vision” and take it from being on paper and translating it into REAL LIFE.
  • Strategies and real-life tactics to become debt free in record time.
  • Find what it is that makes life worth living to you and identify your purpose.
  • How to identify and eliminate negative conditioning that has affected you thus far and how to avoid getting sucked back in.
  • The seductive yet deadly mistake so many people make in their attempts to gain happiness but instead become enslaved.
  • A specific trick to writing your vision that will make it 10x more powerful and likely that you’ll follow it.
  • How to deliberately design and live each and every day in a way you love and that you can actually accomplish.
  • What single and brutally honest question will determine what you want your life to look like and what kind of legacy you will leave behind.
  • How to not let your current situation dictate your future potential.
  • And much much more!

Sign Me Up!


As you can probably tell from that list (which isn’t even everything you’re going to get!), I really can’t express enough how much value you’re going to get from this event.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced. 

You’re going to leave the event completely transformed and with a totally different perspective of what’s possible. You’ll also have a complete, detailed vision of what you want and step-wise action plan to get there!

So how much is this going to cost?

These 3-day events are normally $997 to attend. It’s true – go to to see how much these events usually cost (and people pay every day). And even at that price, they are easily worth more than 10x that amount (our attendees words – not ours) but you’re not going to have to pay anything close to that. 

In fact, we’re offering this life-changing event for only $97. Yes…you read that right…the ridiculously low price of $97.

Why so cheap? Two reasons:

(1.) Through a lot of planning, discussion, and collaboration we made some very special arrangements with your REIA because they felt so strongly on how much you’d benefit from this.

(2.) We want to make this accessible to everyone and take away financial excuses for not being able to attend. See, we realize that the same people that can’t afford to attend are the very people that need it most. Not only that but we’re strong believers in other people “spreading the wealth” with those they care about but know that you won’t be able to help those you love until you yourself have heard the message and changed.

So in other words…


You Can Completely Transform Your Life

For Less Than The Cost Of Eating Dinner

 At An Average Restaurant.


I know…it’s beyond a no-brainer.

But that’s not it. To help you lay the groundwork and foundation on some of the basics, we’re going to give you a FREE copy of the critically-acclaimed and best-selling Lifeonaire book written by Steve Cook and Shaun McCloskey when you register. It’s rated a 4.9 out of 5.0 on Amazon – go take a look at the rave reviews it’s getting.

*** So for $97 you get both admission to the 3-day event AND the book. ***

Let’s Do This!

—<<<<< IMPORTANT >>>>>— 

If you’re “too busy” to go or “it’s not a good time”, this is a blatant sign that you need to be there more than anyone! 

I don’t care what you have to do – call out of work, get a babysitter…just get there! …For your own good AND the good of those whom you care about and care about you (you’re affecting them too, whether you realize it or not)!!!

If you already have something planned, ask yourself “Is this thing I’m scheduled to do going to enrich, improve, and transform my entire life?” If the answer is “NO” (which is my guess), then you need to be at the event.

Don’t get caught up in the minutia of our daily lives, the “busy-bee” stuff that keeps us chasing our tails, doing the same things over and over while weeks, months, and years pass us by.

All the things we’ve done up to this point in our lives have lead us to where we are today, but you have the ability RIGHT NOW to make a decision that will impact the direction, potential, and quality of your future like nothing you’ve ever imagined.

So to summarize – if you’re:

  1. Exhausted and frustrated by being stuck in a rut that you can’t get out of…
  2. Fed up with the way your life looks and deserve something better…
  3. Want to experience an amazing life the way it was meant to be enjoyed…
  4. And Most Importantly…You’re Ready To Make A Change Now! 

This Event Is For You. 

I’m Ready To Change! 

Let’s make this happen. Don’t put it off or let life get in the way. 


  • If you’re too busy to go…that’s a sign you need this more than anyone!
  • If you can’t afford the $97…you can’t afford NOT to go.
  • If you’re afraid of what your spouse might say…get another ticket and bring them. They need it too!

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I look forward to seeing you there –

Jason Wojo


P.S. – Because these events are so impactful, they frequently sell out (and at a much higher ticket price!) so please register IMMEDIATELY to reserve your seat. I’d hate to see you miss out on what will be a phenomenal 3-life-changing days.