Jul 082017


  • There is no “Speaker”

Much as I enjoy and learn from the various speakers who present at the various NICIA events, workshops, monthly meetings, etc. I enjoy and value you, the members, even more highly. You guys are the ones out there in the trenches day after day making deals happen, screening tenants and contractors, trying to arrange financing, looking for a new “structure” to make a deal work. That experience is better than any speaker.

  • The food is great

I will admit that I love pot-lucks. When everybody brings something different to the table there are more food choices than any other way. In the same way, it is the unique blend of different investors that makes our club what it is. Even when 5 people bring potato salad no two of them are alike.

  • The Picnic is All networking

To me the most interesting part of our regular monthly meeting is the 10 minutes networking before the meeting starts, the 10-minute break before the speakers, and the trip to Applebee’s afterwards.  The Picnic is 4 hours of that networking time. You’d have to attend everything we do for 6 months to rack up that much networking.

There is plenty of time to chat with your colleagues, your friends and neighbors and even your competitors. Some of the most valuable conversations I have had at NICIA are conversations about family, sports, outside interests that have nothing to do with real estate. When you are considering partners all that information about how they live in the world is more important than the specific skills they bring to the deal.

  • The Picnic is fun for EVERYBODY

The picnic is the one NICIA event of the year my whole family enjoys. Various members of my family have come to various NICIA events. Usually they think they are pretty boring (of course most of my family members have no interest in the real estate business) but even the 5-year-old and the 7-year-old love the picnic. There’s a bouncy house, there’s food they’ve never seen before, there are others to meet and play with.

Even my 70-year-old in-laws who speak no English enjoy the picnic.

Please join me, and them, and attend.

Mark Reynolds, President


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Brookstone Condominiums Clubhouse

7507 Taft road, Merrillville IN

Saturday July 15, 2017, Noon to 6:00