Oct 102013

The #3 reason to attend the NoteSchool’s presentation at NICIA is that you will see how to acquire real estate at 30¢ on the dollar!

There are many case studies where investors did even better than that but if acquiring property at 30¢ on the dollar is all you learn by attending the NoteSchool’s presentation, wouldn’t it make sense to make it a priority to be there?

At our presentation you will see several case studies where investors, just like you, applied these techniques to their investment strategies resulting in extraordinary results.

These techniques are new and are the results of the fundamental shift in the real estate market. Investors today cannot apply strategies that worked 2 or more years ago and expect good results.

The NoteSchool’s focus has shifted to address what is the best opportunity in our lifetime and as a NICIA member you are perfectly situated to apply these strategies to your business because you already have most of the skills and knowledge required!

At the meeting you will see the few critical things that you are missing that, when learned, will allow you to acquire property at 30¢ on the dollar too.

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The #2 reason to attend the NoteSchool’s presentation at the NICIA is that you will see and hear how to use simple techniques to create a passive income in 90 days or less!

In today’s economy, most people are simply not in a position to pursue real estate investing on a full-time basis. In fact, even seasoned landlords are often finding that they are unable to keep up with the full time management.

With these techniques you can make a full time income with part time efforts. The reason this is possible is because you can buy assets at a huge discount without having to understand or apply complicated techniques.

Certainly, specialized knowledge is required but as a NICIA member you possess most of the skill sets already. You are just going to see how to turbo charge what you already know.

These techniques are new and unlike anything that you have ever seen before. These are not some outdated strategies that have been recycled. NoteSchool will teach what is working now, in today’s economy and in today’s real estate market.

If you could learn how to simplify what you are doing and at the same time get better results, wouldn’t it be worth investing 90-minutes of your time to be at the Thursday October 10th presentation?

[For more details go to the NICIA Notes Buying Event page. ]


The #1 reason to attend the NoteSchool presentation at NICIA is that you will see and hear, how and why, investors get results using the NoteSchool techniques.

Let’s face it, at the end of the day you are interested in only one thing: results. It’s the final measuring stick. So how does NoteSchool’s results measure up? Are folks who learn from NoteSchool  getting results today?

In the last two months 30 students complete 60 transactions after learning from what Joe Varnadore will be sharing.

The average investment amount was $9,000 on assets with an average value of $60,000.

Those are impressive results especially when you consider that the large majority of investors only pursues this on a part-time basis. Whether you are starting with some investment capital or not, Joe Varnadore can show you how to get results.

So, what is the critical component, the key ingredient, the knowledge required, to tap into this market driven opportunity and to get these kinds of results??

You Must Know How to Price a Non-Performing Note!

That is exactly what Joe Varnadore will be covering in the drill down session Thursday October 10th!

You owe it to yourself to find out how all of these people are making all of that money in today’s economy.

For a more fuller description of the Distressed Notes subject as well as a detailed description of what to expect on our Thursday October 10th members meeting and the full day Saturday workshop on October twelfth, visit our NICIA Notes Buying Event page.

You can also register for the full day Saturday event at our NICIA Notes Buying Registration page.

The Saturday event will be $20 for members and $40 for non-members.  We currently only have 40 seats left.

You really don’t want to miss this event!

I hope you plan on being at these events and bringing along a friend or family member.