Jul 082015

July 7 2015 HeaderOn Thursday July 9 , 2015 NICIA will be holding a panel discussion on How to Identify a Deal.  We will have four seasoned real estate investment experts providing their insight into analyzing a deal as well as answering questions from our members.  This is certainly a meeting you don’t want to miss!

Our panel members are: Cindy Rega, Julie Mintz, Bruce Dust and Don Conrad.  Take some time to read their bios below and see how  they came into real estate investing.  Each one lives and invests in Northwest Indiana.

Don ConradBuy & Hold, Rentals, Property ManagementDon Conrad is a long-term member of the Northwest Indiana Creative Investors Association.  He has held multiple positions including Vice President and Program Director on the NICIA board of directors.Don interest in real estate investment was peaked at a very early age.  His parents owned and managed multiple rental properties where he learned how to be a successful investor firsthand from the examples he had at home.  His parents eventually sold all of their properties but that wasn’t the end for Don.Don’s first venture into property management started with a down payment on a four unit that he purchased from a friend.  His business expanded and he now owns properties throughout Lake and Porter counties.

Don retired from his full time job at the age of 39 and has remained a successful self-employed real estate investor for the past 14 years.  Don is a Husband and father of two.  His investments have afforded him the opportunity to spend quality time with his children and wife.  Don lives and invests in Northwest Indiana and is also the author of a book “living off investments.


Bruce Dust

Buy & Hold, Rehabbing, Rentals, Property Management

Bruce Dust has been a member of NICIA over 10 years.  Bruce became very active with NICIA early on, even holding the position of refreshment coordinator.  Bruce made sure there was enough pop, coffee and water to go around!

When Bruce was 19 years old he bought his first rental property.  He later left the investing world to focus on a more traditional career path but at the age of 28 he began investing again and never looked back.  Bruce retired and has been self-employed for over 11 years.

Bruce is a family “Lucky” man; he has 3 great, successful children and lives and invests in Northwest Indiana.


Julie Mintz

Rehabs, Flip, Rentals, Property Management 

Julie Mintz got into the real estate business in 2007 when she bought into Nouveau Riche, a real estate education program.  Initially she tried selling the program, but realized she would be much more credible if she had some real estate investing under her belt.  After taking the classes, which were very vast in nature, she purchased her first and second houses within a matter of weeks in 2008.  Julie originally thought she would concentrate on rent to own (aka pay it forward) but discovered that she didn’t love dealing with people’s emotions when it came to their feelings regarding their homes.  She learned that she did LOVE rehabbing and realized she was very good at it.

During that same timeframe Julie joined her local REIA (NICIA) in 2007.  Julie not only joined but she became active contributor to the growth and success of the organization helping to shape who we are today.  Julie served as a program director on the board of directors from April 2009 through 2010.

Julie’s interest in being a credible salesperson (able to stand behind her product) of a program designed to teach investors how to become successful led her to prove to herself that the program worked.  With over 33 houses rehabbed in the past 7 years, and 2 rental properties that she manages she has proven that you can be successful at real estate investing.  One of Julie’s fortes is that she rehabs fairly fast-normally 30-60 days.  Julie spends anywhere between $30,000-$55,000 per home.  Time is money.

Julie has also mentored other investors who are interested in rehabbing.

Julie lives and invests in Northwest Indiana and is firm in her beliefs regarding investing that to be successful in this business you need:


Money AND


If you are missing 1 of those components, then pair up with someone who has the missing thing.


Cindy Rega

Rehabs, Buy & Hold, Rentals, Property Management

Cindy Rega, Manager of the Heritage LLC, has been involved in real estate investments on a part-time basis since June, 2007, since she has held full time upper management positions. She has been a member of NICIA for 4 years. Her primary objective in real estate investing is for retirement purposes. Therefore, Cindy has a shorter end game and purchases single family homes in south Lake County, Highland, and Munster.  As with most investors, her strategies have evolved with increasing knowledge and the economy.  Cindy initially started this business doing Rentals, and Lease Options to Purchase which changed in late 2013.  She prefers to purchase foreclosures or short sales, coordinates the rehab, and then pursues the loan at the ARV. With the pursuit of a Self-Directed IRA in 2011, Cindy has also flipped homes to benefit from the tax free profit.  Over the last 8 years, Cindy has purchased 11 homes and currently has 8 income properties.  Cindy lives and invests in Northwest Indiana.