Aug 202012

 “Could You Use an Unlimited Supply of Passive Income off of low risk investing?”

Robert Woodruff started his career as a real estate investor in February of 1997, so he has over a decade in real estate.  In 2001, he went full time as a real estate investor.  Robert has done hundreds of real estate transactions. When you come on Saturday October 13, Robert will show you how you can get the passive income you need to retire within 24 months or less.  He will show you how to find, buy, fix, and fill mobile homes and other low risk investments.  Robert uses his technique to acquire all types of properties including, single-family residential, commercial buildings, small businesses, or luxury homes, regardless of your credit or financial situation.

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Robert will show you these crucial 5 steps to success, so that you have all the passive income you need:

  • How to control property without ownership
  • How to Rehab a Property
  • How to Find Motivated Sellers
  • The documents you need to Buy/ Sell Property
  • How to Fill the Property


Robert is going to show you how to pre-screen your prospects and the “Magic” words to get them to commit.  He will also talk to you about scripts you should use when talking to people you know, and their voice mails.

He will show you why these conventional used types of financing can cripple your real estate business and how to stay away from them:

  • Banks
  • Lines of credit
  • Hard money lenders


Once you get away from these types of financing you will have unlimited funds to do all your deals,   you will be able to close on property quickly. You will have the knowledge on how to rehab the property and fill the property with a buyer with the easiest and cheapest advertising. And Robert will show you how to do all of this with little or no monthly payments.

For the first 25 people to sign up for Saturday’s Workshop we will give you this“Get the Power Out of your Power of Attorney” book valued at $97.95.


You make all the rules in this system, so come out Saturday October 13 2012.  After Robert shows you how to find motivated sellers and the best deals in your area, you can kiss your competitors goodbye.

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Robert is currently an author, a national speaker, and a business management consultant.  He is the president of the Charleston SC and Myrtle Beach SC real estate investors association.  He’s appeared as a guest speaker on National Radio Shows and he has published two books titled “How to Find Killer Deals” and “The Power”.



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