Apr 122015

Vena Jones-Cox, “The Real Estate Goddess”

Advanced Wholesaling & Marketing Concepts to Make You More Money

Saturday, May 23, 2015, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Brookstone Estates
Condominiums Club House
7507 Taft St. Merrillville, IN


The cost to attend is only $20/person for advance registration, $30 at the door.
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Morning Agenda: 

Advanced Wholesaling:

 How to Sell a Deal a Week and Build a Passive Wholesale Income

  • To truly get out of the “rat race”, you need a plan that goes beyond learning the strategies, and takes you to the point where your real estate business more or less runs without you.
  • For wholesalers, this means two things: using advanced strategies to do more deals and create passive income, and systemizing your business so that others can easily do deals FOR you. 

In this morning workshop, you’ll discover:

  • How to wholesale all those “non-assignable” bank-owned properties on the market today, WITHOUT coming up with the cash to close, and double the number of deals you do
  • How to use creative finance concepts to wholesale properties and add passive income to your business
  • How to systemize everything your wholesaling business does, and easily delegate it to others
  • How to hire help when you can’t afford help

The cost to attend is only $20/person for advance registration, $30 at the door.
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Advanced Marketing:

How to Find More Motivated Sellers, Buyers, Renters, and Lenders

Once you learn the basics of any real estate strategy, every problem you have is a marketing problem.

  • Not enough deals? That’s because not enough motivated sellers know that you buy properties.
  • Properties staying vacant too long? That’s because not enough qualified renters or buyers know about your great deal.

Great marketing give you incredible leverage, making your phone ring off the hook with customers who want to give you money or give you properties. But do you REALLY know how to make your marketing as effective as possible for as little money as possible?

In this afternoon workshop, you’ll find out:

  • How to create messages that your prospects can’t resist, and get 5-20% response rates to your very first mailing, and make lots of money without spending lots of money
  • How to get lists of motivated sellers, buyers, lenders, and more
  • How to make absolutely sure your mail gets opened and read
  • How to develop a marketing plan that will get you the sellers, buyers, renters, lenders, whatever’s missing from your

The cost to attend is only $20/person for advance registration, $30 at the door.
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Vena CoxAbout Your Instructor:
Vena has been an active, full-time, third-generation real estate entrepreneur for a quarter century, and a principal in well over eight (800+) hundred deals and her business still does dozens of transactions per year . Co-founder and portfolio manager of the Restructure Opportunity Fund, LLC, a boutique private equity group specializing in asset-backed, high-yield alternative investment strategies .She is a multiple-time past president of the Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati (REIA of GC), the Ohio Real Estate Investors Association (OREIA) and the National Real Estate Investors Association (NaREIA), plus she’s current president of Central Ohio Real Estate Entrepreneurs (COREE)