Sep 282012

Anyone looking to attend Northwest Indiana and Chicago real estate classes should be aware of a new real estate investor seminar on the “Keys to Cash Flow”.

Chicago real estate classes have been conducted on many different topics, but the newest seminar featuring Robert Woodruff at the Northwest Indiana Creative Investors Association provides ways to successfully make money with real estate investing. The class, which takes place Saturday October 13 at the Brookstone Condominium Club House, features the crucial five steps to success that allows real estate investors to get more passive income through low risk investing.

Robert Woodruff, the featured presenter at this real estate seminar, is currently an author, a national speaker, and a business management consultant. Woodruff started his career as a real estate investor in February of 1997, so he has over a decade in real estate, and now is a full time real estate investor.  With this expertise, combined with the support of the Northwest Indiana Creative Investors Association, this is sure to be a highlight among the many real estate courses in Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

The seminar will consist of unique information that will examine the methods of financing used by real estate investors that often hold them back from making more passive income. Beyond this, the subject matter includes how to find, buy, fix and fill low risk investments to make enough passive income to retire in twenty-four months or less. The seminar will also cover affordable methods of advertising, pre-screening prospects, and techniques to talk to prospects.

For more information about Robert Woodruff, the Northwest Indiana Creative Investors Association, or to register for the “Keys to Cash Flow” event on Saturday October 13, visit