National REIA Membership Benefits

Your local association’s affiliation with National Real Estate Investors Association is designed to support each member’s investment goals and needs. This is an introduction to the outstanding benefits extended through National REIA membership

Business Building, Education and Association Support

National REIA is dedicated to its members and seeks to develop and implement training seminars, educational platforms, and support mechanisms to ensure all members have access to the best information in the industry. For more information about these benefits, click here.


National Real Estate Insurance Group and other providers have developed unique programs and plans to directly address the needs to Real Estate Investors. As a member of National Real Estate Investors Association you gain access to these unique products and you get FREE quotes from many providers. For additional information about Insurance options, click here.

Investor Resources

Real Estate investing is a unique business that requires constant marketing, communications, analysis and careful due diligence. To help members remain successful, National REIA has partnered with many investor-specific industry partners to offer discounts and many unique services. Click here to learn more about these valuable resources.

Landlord Resources

Tenant screening, check processing, and filling vacant properties can be a serious obstacle for landlords, but with the valuable discounts and products made available to all National REIA Members, you can now spend more time running your business. Click Here to learn more about these resources for Landlords

Printing, Publishing & Office Supply

Operating a business takes a lot of time, energy and requires a virtual truck load of office supplies. Shipments can drive you crazy and printing newsletters and marketing materials can drain any budget, but with the strategic partnerships that National REIA has developed, you can now be worry free. Click here for more information.

Property Maintenance and & Supply

Rehabbing and maintaining properties can be the most exciting part of the business for some investors, and can be a headache for other, but by utilizing the discount programs offered through National REIA, all members can rest easy knowing they will be saving time and money. Learn more about these invaluable benefits by clicking here.