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The NICIA Board of Directors is working diligently to provide additional benefits to it’s members, including benefits from joining the National Real Estate Investors Association. We  host nationally recognized speakers for  full day events and provide additional educational opportunites for our members. Stay in the know by joining and maintaining your membership with NICIA. We have a lot of exciting events planned in the near future.

NICIA Membership Benefits

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Monthly meetings with speakers or discussion about topics that will help you with your business and protect your asset
  • Relevant discussions and Networking with your peers
  • Vendor ads
  • Google group email loop that allows you to ask questions, discuss issues and provide information to other investors
  • Pass along deals and offers at meetings and through  the member email
  • Keep up on current events pertaining to our business
  • Specific benefits through our membership with National REIA
  • Specific benefits through our relationship with ARPOLA
Join- Now – Membership Registration


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With ISC Connect, screening and managing tenants couldn’t be easier. When a potential renter says “I’ll take it” to one of your properties, you simply collect their email address. We’ll send them an online application, which they can complete immediately via any computer, tablet, or smart phone. Applicants pay the $35 fee directly to us, and you get instant access to your applicant’s report, including:

  • Criminal Record
  • Past Evictions
  • Credit History
  • Government Watchlist
  • Sex Offender Registries


In addition to this immediate report, our team of live investigators will check real-time data in jurisdictions that don’t show up on instant reports, so you can be sure the profile you’re getting is accurate and up-to-date.

Once you have found the right renter, just forward them a copy of our state-specific lease, which they can sign electronically. Then, let ISC help you get insurance and collect rent quickly and affordably over the Internet…



Additional Benefits for NICIA Members Through the National REIA 

Your local association’s affiliation with National Real Estate Investors Association is designed to support each member’s investment goals and needs.  Some of the benefits for NICIA members are:

  • Business Building, Education and Association Support
  • Insurance
  • Investor Resources
  • Landlord Resources
  • Printing, Publishing & Office Supply
  • Property Maintenance and & Supply
  • National REIA University Click Here for Details.

 See dettails of the benefits you have through NICIA at the National REIA Website at

Join Now – Membership Registration

If you wish to join with a check or cash print out the NICIA registration and renewal form at the link below: