Sep 052015

Saturday Investor Series; Members Only

Mark Reynolds

Topic: Contracts
Presenter: Mark Reynolds
September 12, 2015 ,  9:00 am
Brookstone Condominium Clubhouse
7507 Taft St, Merrillville Indiana

Mark Reynolds is a member of NICIA and has owned and operated manufacturing, service, construction and sales companies. But his primary expertise is in real estate development. In his 35+ years of business experience he has earned a reputation for seeing the big picture and finding opportunities others have missed by thinking out of the box. Mr. Reynolds has developed Apartments, Industrial, and Commercial buildings throughout the Chicago land area. Currently he resides in the south suburbs and mostly works in that geographic region.

Mark believes that the discussion around contracts is an important, but missing topic with Real Estate Investors.  He will bring his extensive knowledge around contracts to our members and will engage us in his typical down to earth way.  Be ready to ask questions and to be challenged.

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