Mar 012013

It’s important to know why you are doing what you are doing.  Sometimes everything goes wrong. What is your motivation to keep going regardless of the situation?  I found this article to be really encouraging.

Real estate investing really SUCKS from time to time!

Sucks is really not the right word, but for fear of upsetting your sensibilities I can’t use the word that I really want to use.  Just think the opposite of glamorous, fabulous, genteel, pleasant, fun, sensible, and easy, and you’ll begin to get close to what I am thinking.  However you define it, the point is that those of you that have been in this sport for a while have likely wanted to quit on more than one occasion – just admit it.  While those who are just now coming into the game WILL feel like quitting many times before you succeed – I guarantee!  Real estate investing is a full-contact sport.  We get beat up!  So the question is very simple:

When you get knocked down and you want nothing more than to just quit, why is it that you won’t?

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