Jan 092014


DSC_0072 Dear NICIA Members,

Happy New Year!

Once again, it is time to prepare for the annual NICIA Vendor Fair.  This year’s event is the start of a brand new and improved Vendor Partner Program that will add value to our  vendors and to you, our members as well.

A Vendor Partner is anyone or any business that has helped you make strides in your real estate endeavors.  One of the greatest improvements to the Vendor programs is the ability for all    vendors to be present at our monthly meetings.  This improvement puts our vendors and members face to face, thus creating a better partnership for all.

As a bonus to our members, we offer the “Three for Free” deal.  Any member that signs up three or more new vendors will receive a free NICIA membership.


 NICIA Vendor Fair

Saturday, February 22, 2014

9:00 AM-12:00PM – Doughnuts/coffee and lunch provided

Brookstone Estates Condominium Office Building

7507 Taft Street, Merrillville, IN